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“My clients and I are very happy with Sharon's staging job. It really helped us sell the condo faster and get a higher price than we expected. Plus her price is very reasonable. I am definitely doing business with her again!

— Lina


"When I contacted Sharon for staging our for sale house in LA, she acted quickly and in a few days She Stages transformed our empty house into a gorgeous home. Her designs brought us multiple offers and since then we never sell our renovated houses without her staging anymore. Thank you She Stages for helping us selling our houses faster."

— J&J Renovations



I love She Stages and you should, too! Sharon is easy to work with and her work is absolutely on the spot. She transformed my house into a warm and enticing space. Buyers were romanced right from their first step into the house. They gushed at every turn and they complimented at how lovely the house was. She chose furniture and ornaments that brought out the best features of each room and helped buyers to visualize themselves living in the house. Her design portrays modern family lifestyle finished with a touch of sophistication. I definitely recommend She Stages!

— Adele

"I contracted She Stages to stage a couple of my vacant listings, and Sharon + the team did an incredible job! I was very impressed with the quality of their work and attention to detail, not to mention the great value on the rates they charged. The property I had them stage was only on the market for ONE WEEK before a buyer came in and fell in love. I could not be happier. Thanks, SheStages!"

— James


"Meticulously thought out in presenting fabulous staging, every object on display fit the room accordingly, so even a simple house becomes a very welcoming and cozy home. Sharon made the house a place someone would want to come home to after long hours at work. Decorating a house is an art, but making it a desirable place to live in is what I call superior staging."

— Lisa